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WOODSONGS in the CLASSROOM is a Music & Arts Education Project involving music, history, language arts and more designed to encourage community and creativity. FREE to schools and home school families.


Below are three wonderful projects for teachers interested in the arts, music, simple living and Thoreau. Pick one, pick all three. They’re FREE. Simply register your school or family and we will email you the link to our Teacher’s Download center.


PROJECT ONE: The WOODWSCLassroomLOGOSONGS CLASSROOM Video/Streaming project: MIDDLE, HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE Lesson Plans available. This project uses the WoodSongs public television broadcast as an in-class teaching tool. Students watch select 25 minute segments of WoodSongs on your projection screen or desk top. This a music-education series highlights our rural, organic, musical tradition. It also exposes students to the wonderful world of grassroots music they can not experience listening to most commercial media. We explore people, artists, cultures, songs, history and instruments from across America and around the world.Layout 1_WS_VideoJPG

SAMPLE LESSON PLAN: Imagine introducing your students to the banjo with 16x Grammy winner Bela Fleck, or American jazz with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, or the guitar with world renown Tommy Emmanuel from Australia. Each show features a youngster performing as well. Here is the middle school lesson plan for the Banjo program featuring Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn. CLICK HERE

The lesson plans focus on music, the arts, history, literature, creative writing and social studies. Each classroom broadcast also features a talented middle/high school aged youngster adding peer excitement to this project (see WoodSongs Kids). Teachers can pick any broadcast from our Teacher’s Download Page page and take students on a musical journey that will expose them to real, human non-computer corrected music … the goal of this project is to encourage love and passion for the arts that transcends money. You will be amazed at the array of choices you will have. Simply register your school and we will email you the link to our Teacher’s Download center. This is all FREE to schools.




The WOODSONGS SCHOOL COFFEEHOUSE Program:  Students are encouraged to start an actual  “WoodSongs Music Coffeehouse,” a performance series that gives kids a chance to perform before a safe in-school audience. This encourages students to write songs, develop a sense of community, learn instruments and experience the art of performing before an audience. This can be held during a home room, study hall or after school event. Many schools are putting a stage in the cafeteria and holding the music series during the lunch hour.

We will provide a “how to” manual, posters and more to help teachers and students make this a success. Simply register your school and we will email you the link to our Teacher’s Download center. 





PROJECT THREE: the Walden Play: this is a simple-to-produce play that can be acted as a theater production, read as a script reading in class, watched as a DVD or streamed into the classroom online. Ideal for 8-12 and college. This project includes lesson plans for middle, high and college, perfect for studies on writing, English, history, drama, Thoreau, Emerson and more..HandshakeJPG_LR

The two act, four character 45 minute play is mainly a conversation between Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson set during the final two days Thoreau spent in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. Easy and fun to produce, over 8,700 colleges, schools, community theaters and home schools have registered performances of the Walden play in 42 countries. It’s a perfect project for autumn or spring around Earth Day. The dialogue of the play is based on actual quotes from the writing and letters of Thoreau and Emerson,

WATCH a video SAMPLER of the Walden Play: click here


The Walden play script is available in English, French and Spanish and it is FREE to schools. To get the play script and materials simply send a request to and we will send password and download information for you to begin.


“Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau should be a requirement in American classrooms, a prelude to a serious study of the Transcendentalist movement that we all could use a great good deal more immersion in. Kids badly need this element in their lives, and, to accommodate the exposure, the two-disc set also includes a great little lesson plan that strongly encourages analysis and critical thinking.”  Mark S. Tucker, FAME reviewer